Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A new beginning.....

Imagine a motorcycle. You hop up on it, excited about where you will go. Anticipating the wind rushing through your hair (you're in South Carolina-as much as I hate to say it.....they allow you to ride without a helmet there and this works for my purpose here today- so play along and don't judge).

Where was I? Oh yeah, you've just swung your leg over and you stomp down with all your might on the lever that starts the engine. Purrrrr- unk! Again with the full body one legged leap..... And you hear puuuurrr- unk.

Dang it... This thing doesn't WORK! You try a couple of times at later dates but, alas, it's a no. You go nowhere. A lot like my attempts at blogging. Over the last few years I tried to do it. I stalk blogs almost every night but couldn't manage to keep my own going. Perhaps I've metaphorically fixed my small engine..... I just downloaded Blogsy. It's an app for the IPad. I use my ipad EVERY single day. But I could not get Blogger to work well with it.

Fingers crossed....wish me well- I'm going to try again. I may as well. I own the boots for it....



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