Thursday, December 27, 2012

Note to self: The plus button makes the post go away...


Not publish the post. So last night, I was too tired to figure out what I did wrong. Tonight, and just 30 minutes after crafting my latest creative writing about quilting effort..... I figured it out. The plus sign means new post NOT publish your work. It means - poof! Work gone- back to writing. This time it shouldn't take too long to write since I'm pretty sure I can remember ( third time's a charm....).

Apparently, I'm not only hard headed technologically....but fabrically, too. See the lovely block I made? (Hint...this block is wrong)

Note the difference between this block.... ( you are guessing correctly- this the right one).

So I made 16 of them, wrong, and then unsewed them. I turned 16 correct ones into this beautiful wonky pinwheel block.

I needed to make a second I made 16 more. Wrong again. But I had no time for I made ANOTHER 16 ( thankfully,correctly). But there is a silver lining to all of this sewing- the start of a gorgeous wallhanging!

Here's the two correct blocks together. I love the pinwheels in the tan color!


These blocks are for Kelli for the November Empower Hive on Flickr. We're part of the Do Good Stitches Bee. Here's Kelli's color inspiration. I think she made a fabulous choice.

Happy Quilting!


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Mary Menzer said...

I had to make that block too, and I also made it wrong - but only 4 squares not 16 X 2.