Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wow - very cool website

I just found this via one of the blogs I stalk and I love the potential of this quilt design website.  I have a PC and a Mac and own EQ (Electric Quilt) program.  I love it but don't have the Windows software so it will work on my Mac.  This website seems to solve that issue.

And... for your quilt viewing pleasure, today's quilt....   This is the blog from which I found Quiltivate.  Forgive my infantile attempts at blogging.  I promise I'll get better.


Mary Menzer said...

Yay, another website to have to spend time on! Because, well, yes, I need more of those.
I like how you divided up the borders on this quilt.

Terri said...

Thanku for this linky! yay! I'm a mac head too - & so Need This, woot!