Tuesday, September 27, 2011

D&$@# you Fairly Merry.....

Aaaargh. D#¥$@ you Fairly Merry.... and your pressed open seams..... Don't you just hate it when you know someone is right but you just don't waaaaant to do it. Mary prefers her seams pressed open and I am more of a smash it flat with the iron kind of girl. So when I got Mary's pass on our "all over the place robin" , I knew I would press as Mary likes. Darn it. It does make the block lay so nicely. So when I started my "Across the Sea QAL" quilt" I started pressing the seams open. Darn again. I'm hooked. It's a habit now. Of course" my finger is not going to like this new habit much. I think I've worn my pointer out with the near misses on the edge of the iron. I'll have to pull that beautiful ( oh what the heck do you call the pointy thing ....my brain can't pull up the word at this moment ) thing out and start using it. I mean...I had to have one...may as well use it-right?

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Mary Menzer said...

It does make the block lay nice and flat doesn't it? I shorten my stitch length, the seams seem to come apart a little easier when pressing open, this helps.

LOVE your green background for your QAL.
I don't know what that little tool is called, but I'm sure I have one.