Monday, August 18, 2014

Can you really call posting once a year blogging?

And I'm starting  O V E R...... NOW!  Stay tuned folks...  I promise to start blogging seriously.

Please enjoy one of more recent finishes.  I made the design created by CrazyMomQuilts.  She's such a talented quilter with great ideas and designs.  I love her work. 

I took 18 inch squares of yummy Kona cotton and asked the VQB (virtual quilting bee on flickr) I was in to grab whatever scraps they had on their floor and sew them into strips.  Let's face it - don't we all have little scraps laying all over the floor of our sewing areas...? 

I got them back and about a year ago I put the top together.  Then...the whirl wind hit - we decided to sell our house and move.  That's a long story for another time.  Anyway, let's just say that when you move - you have to box up your sewing room... 

And then your husband might notice how many boxes there are.  Especially when the mover says things like: "OH MY GOD - How much fabric is there in that closet???", or "you mean there's more---we're going to need more boxes."   So that was a lot of fun.

We're finally settled in now.  After reorganizing and reorganizing, and ...reorganizing - I think I finally have my sewing room in some sort of agreeable order.  So out came this top and I quilted it. 

So when someone asks me the usual question (how long did that take to make?) - I'll get to say about 2 years.

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Mary Menzer said...

Whoo hoo!
I love this quilt. I like how you used different colors for the backgrounds. I wouldn't have thought it would work, but it does.