Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hoping April is a lamb.....

If March goes out like a lion- isn't April supposed to come in like a lamb? Boy, I hope so. This was what we woke to in my area of VA. I should mention....I'm not a snow person. Especially when I have to drive in it. But it rained later in the day so by the time I got home it had almost all melted. Yeah.

But in more interesting topics, here are photos of part of the evolution of a challenge I was a in last year. It started with a block. The block went to two other people and we all made two passes. While in their hands, they could make any changes they wanted to (except take your sewing apart). I'll photo graph my personal one in a day or so. The photos below belong to one of my group members (which means me and the other two got to work on it twice).

It started with this:

And morphed into this:

Which later became this:

This last morphing was a result of my slicing up the rectangle into 9 chunks. It was incredibly nerve wracking. I may have been sweating as I made the cuts. This isn't the final version. I thought I photographed it while at our groups' retreat over the weekend but alas - I must have been too busy swilling good wine or eating some delicious food ( or more likely....talking, laughing, and just generally having the time of my life with good friends). I'll see if I can get a copy of it and post it at a later date.

I loved this challenge. It was hard to come up with something when I got it each time... You know....you don't want to mess it up but you want to do something unique and interesting. My block got turned into a bag. It's squeal worthy. I loved it. Again...photos soon.

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qwilltr said...

Now this happy recipient of the end product has to figure out an awesome way to quilt it! :)